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Undercover & Noveau Clown Institute presents:


5-day collaborative residency aimed at working theatre professionals and fringe performers to develop work in order to present professionally. 

25th July (Day 0)  - Residents arrive from 4pm.

26th July (Day 1)   - Residency starts.

30th July (Day 5)  - Residency finishes.
31st July (Day 6)   - Depart after breakfast.

Structure of Residency
Participants must come with ideas or an existing show which they would like to develop. This is a self-directed residency so a stong drive to create in needed.

Individuals and Group Shows may apply: one application per show.

Based on an island outside of Oslo, Clown Camp: Residency is surrounded by nature - a perfect environment to get creative and develop stage material. There will be camp fires, music, walks in the forest. We will make communal meals and have regular presentations through the residency of works in progress.

The tuition fees
3000 NOK (approx €311 EUR or £272 GBP).
If you also do Clown Camp Masterclass, 50% discount. 2000 NOK (approx €207 EUR or £180 GBP).

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