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Undercover & Noveau Clown Institute presents:


“Creation, Production and


  Smile, A weapon of  mass construction  

The Goal of this Masterclass workshop is to create atleast one number/scene during the workshop which is ready to perform.

8+ hours of Masterclasses per day led by Jango Edwards and Claudia Cantone.


15th July (Day 0)   - Participants arrive from 4pm.
16th July (Day 1)   - Workshop starts.
24th July (Day 9)   - Workshop culminates in public performance.
25th July (Day 10) - Depart after breakfast.

Masterclass Description

“Creation, Construction, Production and Performance” is an intensive nouveau clown clinic and unique opportunity for professionals to utilize, employ and benefit from the directing skills of Jango Edwards with the collaboration of Claudia Cantone during this 8 days (including the day of the cabaret) intensive team teaching series for actors. 


“A man is born a clown and can become a clown again, if he is able to remember everything that he has forgotten. Luckily, this applies equally to women.”
After years performing, directing, living and loving a clown life, Jango Edwards offer an intensive master class session  experience  designed to understand and improve comedy, acts and sketches.


The curriculum consists of the principles of "Clown Theory" and introduction to the elements of "The Comic Formula's", the essential principles and working comic concepts of how a gag and/or sketch works. The content includes the elements of 3 gag routines, repetitive comic activity, physical and visual humor, the black and white frame for sketch creation, comic timing,  rhythm and more. 


Those of you who have clown or comedy routines, stage acts, sketches or numbers please bring those items required to present your act including music, props and costumes.  A maximum of no more than 1 acts from your repertory is advised.  We also recommend that you bring any audio/video material of your work which can be viewed by us to assist in directing you. 


As a Clown Performer you will work with other professionals in an ensemble; relate to the audience in unpredictable and spontaneous situations and learn how to improvise and adapt in order to give the gift of laughter to an unsuspecting public. You will explore the role of the comic actor as a social warrior, laughter terrorist and mercenary of humor. 
“The world is a stage and each must play his part” might seem a cliche to some people but for the clown it is the truth. Clown is the greatest actor in the world and is able to perform anywhere, anytime in every situation. 


Following the completion of the first 8 days sessions, the actors will present on the 9th day a cabaret performance of the work developed during the seminar series.



This comedy festival is the culmination of the intensive course "Creating, building, manufacturing and performance" led by Jango Edwards & Claudia Cantone reserved for clowns, performers and professional musicians who present the numbers in this evening who conceived and developed during the 8 days workshops.

The event is presented at NESODDEN by Jango Edwards, director of the NCI, and is a gala event that will provide a "window" of artists from the unique talent. 

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