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with Dr. Brown


Norway Clown Camp returns in 2024!

Start the spring with living on a beautiful farm for a week, with amazing performers from all over the world and work with one of the best clown theater in the world! 

This workshop will ideally help you find your freedom and ridiculousness on stage and connect more deeply with an audience. Please note – this workshop can be quite difficult at times. Dr. Brown is there to point out when something you did on stage is NOT working. 

With the acceptance of failure, you can learn to be more open and vulnerable in front of a group of strangers. If you do not respond positively to admitting failure, this workshop may not be for you. When you are ready to LAUGH at your failure, the work can begin. Then you can practice making an audience piss themselves by showing them how stupid 
and ridiculous you (and only you) can be.

We will learn to follow our own quirky impulses and stop 'thinking' too hard. From this we will develop material for the stage. Suitable for actors, standup comedians, improvisers and public speakers. Minumum aged 18+.

Previous participants include multi-award winning comedians and actors, musicians, theatre technicians, an opera singer and a bus-driver! 



Food and accommodation
We serve three meals a day. 
Accommodation: A common dormitory. There are a few smaller cabins as well. For the ones who come abroad, we will provide bedsheets. If you are from Norway, bring your own sleepingbag. 

On the island, Nesodden, outside of Oslo, Norway´s Clown Camp is located between the forests of Nesodden on Skuterud Farm. There will be walks in the forest, bon-fires, BBQs, ariel silks, archery and ping pong!



19th of May - Participants arrive from 4pm.
20th of May - Workshop starts.
25th of May - Workshop finishes in the afternoon. Party in the evening
26th May - Depart after breakfast.

Workshop comprises of 6+ hours of workshops per day.
6 full days of workshops (excluding introduction on Sunday 19th of May).

There will be possible to ride horses, go to the beach and explore the nature around the farm.


Price of Workshop:

Price is 11,500 NOK (approx €1,022 EUR or £880 GBP).
6 EARLY BIRD SPACES: 10,000 NOK (approx €890 EUR or £770 GBP)

(Approx, converted on 7/1/24. Final price in NOK)

Registration form

For questions, please email

Norway Clown Camp was founded in 2017. Our previous workshop leaders

includes Aitor Basauri and Toby Park (Spymonkey), John Wright and Jango Edwards. Dr. Brown was also the workshop leader back in 2017.

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