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Founder of the original "Festival of Fools", director of "Nouveau Clown Institute" and "Fools Militia", creator of Cabaret Cabron, artist, international clown, director and producer.


During the last 47 years he has acted, directed and taught in more than 30 countries and is constantly active in the overall evolution of the clown profession. Jango in the past has tutored, coached, directed, trained, advised and produced numerous artists which  assisted in their personal and artistic success. El Tricycle, Loco Brusca, Nina Hagen, Grace Jones, Venessa Redgrave, Le Nuls, Peter Shub, Santiago Segura and Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo are but a few of those to collaborate with Jango.  


As a Clown Performer, he works with other professional’s solo or in an ensemble; how to relate to the audience in unpredictable and spontaneous situations and how to improvise and adapt in order to give the gift of laughter to an unsuspecting public.  


He defines clown as a modern solider playing the role of comic actor as a social warrior, laughter terrorist and mercenary of humor. 


“The world is a stage and each must play his part” might seem a cliché to some people but for the clown it is the truth”.








Arteterapist and clown, from Rome served for 17 years as an officer in the national police force where she evolved from public security tasks to psychological studies linked to local organizations. But she was not happy. She knew she needed to find out more about life and change it! At the same time, she began to study the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, (University of Rome "La Sapienza") a special program for "critique of Theatre and entertainment". She began to dive into the art world of theater and cinema discovering that the stage was the habitat that attracted her and the clown art she loved the most.


In 1995 she enrolled in the three-year Theatre school "La Scaletta", (University in Rome), earning her diploma in 1998. She focused on the art of clown participating and completing several master class programs training with Jango Edwards, Laura Herts, Leo and others. She studied corporeal mime at “Escuela de mimo Moveo” in Barcelona.

Over the past 8 years Claudia has created, produced and toured 3 solo shows: “ Zerozero Clown¨; “The Adventure of Yaya Clown”, a street show; “The Secret Annexe”, a clown show based on Anna Frank story; and “Yaya in the Moon”. In 2014 she was featured in the documentary “Fool of Life” directed by Tommaso Magnano.


She worked as a theater coach-trainer in the theatre at Rebibbia jail in Rome and has been during the past 6 years assistant director at “Nouveau Clown Institute” (N.C.I. Barcelona). In addition Ms. Cantone is a permanent member of the N.C.I. faculity where she presents the such classes as "Clown Chi", "White Nose" and "Buffoons-Scared & Profane".

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